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What ApplStream®

ApplStream® is a comprehensive reporting solution for Oracle EBS built on the DNA Technology. A swift installation makes it possible to access major part of EBS information within 5 hours and work with it at a user level. Simplicity of operation and up to date functions for information sharing allow immediate generation of detailed and aggregate reports, including graphic charts and statistics. ApplStream® works with a database on-line and thus a creation of complex Datawarehouses is eliminated.


A dynamic link between modules makes it possible to enrich information found by details and related pieces of information. A detail or another module with related data is displayed by just a simple click on an active entity.

ApplStream® was appreciated as an IT Product of 2008 by IDG Czech and  Computerworld magazine.


ApplStream® Modules
PAA - Projects
PO – Purchase Ordersschema_sm
SO – Sales Orders
AP - Payables
AR - Receivables
PRO - Procurement
INV - Inventory

BOM - Bill of Materials (structured)
ECO – Engineering Change Order
WIP – Work in Process
Manufacturing Resource Planning
APS – Advanced Planning System

GL - General Ledger
CF – Cash Flow
FA – Fixed Assets
ASM – Assets Service Maintenance
BPL – Budget Planning
AQC – Acquisition of Claims



Try ApplStream® with your ORACLE EBS
You can test the application for free. Download license for individual modules after a registration at our form "here". You will find relevant documentation for installation, setup and control at the same location. For inquiries don’t hesitate and contact us by e-mail at info@atteya.net
Buy ApplStream®
Our customers can buy ApplStream® in two options.
- A time-limited Subscription license without a possibility of user adjustments under favourable pricing conditions.
- A Permanent license with an unlimited time with the possibility of user adjustments.

You will find license prices of modules and packs with module combinations in the Prices section of the Main Menu at our website shop.atteya.net "here".